Governing Dynamics and the Tea Party meet at the Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Watch this wonderful scene from A Beautiful Mind titled “Governing Dynamics: Ignore the Blond” starring Russell Crowe as mathematical genius John Nash. In the scene Nash describes how economist Adam Smith was wrong – and goes on to explain his developing “game theory” about decision making.



The scene from the movie  is the perfect setup for a wonderful article by Johnathan V. Last published recently in one of my favorite on-line publications thedaily.   The article “Throwing Weight” describes how the Tea Party, despite having only 60 votes in the U.S. House was able to exert enormous influence on the debt ceiling negotiations.  The author describes what Russell Crowe points out in the movie scene, that “the willingness to walk away is a force multiplier while mindless partisanship diminishes your throw-weight.”  True independence is power.

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