Super-Storm Sandy May Spark Sense of Unity as Election Looms

The big story of Hurricane Sandy, along with the terrible damage, is that it is the first time that a natural disaster has hit America on or near a presidential election.

It’s the aftermath of a perfect storm of the likes that the U.S. has not had to cope with on Election Day. Will people in the populous Northeast be unable to vote? Will local officials decide to delay voting? Will the Democratic rich Northeast vote be suppressed possibly increasing chances that Republicans might pick up a state or two that was never thought possible?  The swing state of Virginia has been hit, especially the Northeast portion, thus possibly putting Virginia in the Romney column.

For two or three days electioneering for president was put on hold. This year the election battle for president has been very divisive. Charges have been thrown back and forth on a daily basis probably discouraging voters as they prepare for Election Day.

As the country is riveted by the Super-Storm Sandy aftermath, there is a sense that Americans might be coming together~ a lesson that after the election Congress might try and emulate. Whoever the next president is the problems with the economy will not go away. Maybe the Sandy disaster will inspire our nation’s leaders to work in harmony and take on the natural disaster that could be on the horizon of policy making in 2013.

The Sandy disaster and its intersection with the presidential election also give voters a chance to think about the need to be prepared.  Many voters are going into the election ill prepared to really know the candidates and the issues. It’s similar to those sad faced citizens who ignored evacuating their homes and were almost swept away by the ignorance and lack of heeding dire warnings by staying put.

A “Super-Storm” of historic proportions, Sandy has left much of our Northeastern coast devastated, destroying the lives of millions of our fellow Americans and causing billions of dollars in damages as the death toll continues to rise.

People’s lives have been completely uprooted and they struggle to bring their lives and those of their families back to some kind of normalcy. Even the iconic New York City is still climbing back on its feet. States like Florida can relate to the impact of a hurricane, and everyone around this nation is concerned for the welfare of our fellow citizens.

Though our politicians may view the Sandy disaster as a blip on the radar of unity, we should support our fellow Americans suffering hardship.

It’s time to act and act now. We urge our friends and citizens from the East Coast to the West and around the world to make a donation to the American Red Cross to help in the disaster relief effort. Join us in our stand for unity by clicking the image below to make your donation to the Red Cross Disaster Fund.

Red Cross Disaster Relief Link for Hurricane Sandy 2012

We thank you for your concern as a fellow American!

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